Temples dating back to ancient Greece incredibly preserved, long sandy beaches and extraordinary dairy traditions and gastronomy: this and more is Paestum, Latinized name of the term Paistom with which was called after its conquest by the "Lucani", is an ancient city of the "Magna Graecia" founded in the sixteenth century b. C. and called by the founders Poseidonia in honor of Poseidon but most devoted to Hera and Athena. The extension of his town is still clearly recognizable, enclosed by its Greek walls, as amended in "Lucana" and Roman ages. It is located in the Campania Region, in the province of Salerno, as part of the municipality of Capaccio, about 19 miles (30 kilometers) south of Salerno, 59 miles (97 km) south of Naples. It is located in the "Piana del Sele", near the coast, in the Gulf of Salerno.
In Paestum you can combine the wonder with the taste, like nowhere else. In fact, after visiting the temples and museum containing frescoes and various artifacts of three thousand years ago, in conditions to say the least exceptional, you can restore with a visit to a dairy farm and, after a greeting to the sweet buffaloes and workshops, where skilled hands create delicacies from milk, we will finally have deserved a selection of food really delicious and healthy.