In ancient Rome, owning a villa in Sorrento or Amalfi coast, was considered a status symbol for wealthy merchants, politicians and courtiers. For a time, it was the way to stay as close as possible to the imperial court, located on the island of Capri. The renowned hospitality is thus also the result of two thousand years of habit of the "Sorrentini" to foreigners on vacation and is among the main reasons for its success.
Sorrento is located south of the Gulf of Naples, situated on a terrace of volcanic material with the other villages of the Sorrento Peninsula: Sant'Agnello, Piano and Meta, to the east. We then find Massa Lubrense to the west, overlooking the island of Capri from Punta Campanella. By the many sights you admire then, the spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the foreground.
In the historical center, full of churches and ancient monuments not to be missed and shops, is still recognizable pattern lanes from north to south and from east to west ("cardi" and "decumani"), typical Greek and Roman urbanism. Here we also find great restaurants of Neapolitan cuisine, pizzerias, bars and ice cream parlors excellent.
A note deserves the fishing village known as Marina Grande, the best preserved part of Sorrento, where in addition to the remains of the defensive walls with the door of Greek era and a delicious church, there are excellent restaurants specializing in seafood dishes memorable.
Left the center in the direction of the hills, it is understood to be in the country and this is where you can still see extensive citrus groves, olive groves, vineyards, fruit trees and crops of all kinds of vegetables.
There is so much more to see and everything is concentrated in a limited space, so easy to see even in a single day, if you are properly guided.